Free operating system emulator to try Linux in browser

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Although Windows is the most popular and most used OS in the 🌍, Linux is of great importance in computer science. The problem with this OS is that it has been considered a difficult to use and incompatible system. That’s the right way to learn new things – before you install Linux you should get to know what it can do.

You can get a full introduction to this wonderful OS (and not only this!) with the specialized service – OnWorks ( In order for you to “test” an operating system, it gives you a server to run it on. All this is right in your browser.

The list of available operating systems includes popular distributions like Debian, Zorin Mageia, Ubuntu, Kali and others.

To start, select the build you are interested in and click “RUN ONLINE”. Then press “Start”, wait for it to load and then press “Enter” again.

Try it!


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